Birds shot with Tair 3s 300mm f4.5 lens

About three weeks ago, I got this Tair 3s 300mm f4.5 lens, which seems like a submachine gun.

Then I took a tour to the Beijing Zoo and shot some pictures of birds.

I waited for about 2 hours to shoot woodpeckers. There are a family of them, one male with red head and the female without that. They seemed to be working on building their house, which in fact is a hole they drilled into the tree.

There is a sea gull living in the Beijing Zoo. This seagull is not afraid of people and brave enough to eat food in human hand.

There are many types of ducks in the Beijing Zoo, some of which are very sleepy everyday. Mandarin duck might be the most beautiful one of them.

Night heron is very common in Beijing, and often fill the trees in the Zoo.

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