Export and Import character of Mount&Blade Warband under Mac OS X


Mount&Blade is one of my favourite game. I just install it into my macbook with steam. Then I try to import my old character and find it very tricky to find the right position to put the old txt file at.


Then I do some search find the solution here. But I don't know whether there are any similar problems in the English world. So I make this translation and put it here to help guys.


You need to right click at Finder, and go to the following location:


/Users/{YOUR USER NAME HERE}/Library/Application Support/MBWarband/


Then you will find or creat a folder named "Mount and Blade Warband Characters" and then you can put your character file in the folder.

然后你看看是不是有这么个Mount and Blade Warband Characters文件夹,没有就创建一个,然后把你的角色文件放进去就可以了。

Category: Mac
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