How about using material science to solve the problem of smoke?

About 20 years ago, I used to live in the Northeast of China, for several years. It was a small mountain town with many birches and lots of magpies flying and singing around.


People there were nice and friendly. They were always willing to offer helping hands to strangers. Yet nearly all of them loved to smoke a lot.


Then, as a little child, I began to cough badly. The local doctor told my parents that it was pharyngitis caused by tobacco smoke, without method. I can still remember that he was saying that with a burning cigarette in his mouth.


I didn't understand the meaning of his words exactly,"chronic lifelong disease", and I thought everything would be OK few days later. The sad fact is that it keeps coming in the following years and gets even worse after I arriving in Beijing.


Now, I have already figured out that with the help of PM2.5 in polluted air outside and second-hand smoke indoor, respiratory disease has become a most common, chronic lifelong disease, which seriously damages people's health. Besides, there is also serious cardiovascular including coronary heart disease caused by them.


Yes, I know that there is almost nothing we can change as normal common citizens to the air pollution but to pray for mighty wind, maybe. But I am pretty sure that we can control the smoke made by every individual smoker, at least.


It is ridiculous that, after the order of banning smoking issued by the Beijing government, many smokers began to complain about their rights violated. How do they feel about other people's right to life and health when they poison them by smoking around? Is your right to suck some bad gas larger than our lives?


In fact, I don't hate smoking people, because I don't care whether they are going to kill themselves gradually. But I care about the smoke they burn out and throw to other people, other livings, and the nature.


In my opinion, smokers should take the responsibility to clean up your smoke, preventing others from which. How about putting some special bags around their heads to make sure they can both breath and suck all smoke in their lungs? Using some material making those special breazing bags is a good way of protecting the entire universe.


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