My first Microscope

In 2008, I got the dream of having a microscope of my own. This dream could track back to what happened in one class, when Mr Moris told me to leave the equipment alone or get out of the lab. I was trying to take the microscope apart by my hand.

在2008年的时候,我有一个梦想,就是有一台自己的偏光显微镜。 梦想的来源是因为上课的时候,莫老师对我语重心长说:『再乱动仪器就不许来实验室!』 当时我在私自拆卸目镜、物镜、载物台等等。

At that time, a lot of people agreed that I belong to the problematic youth because I always asked too many questions and brought as many problems. Fortunately, there came Professor White interceding for me. Then Mr Moris let me stay in the class. I have always been grateful for what Professor White did for me, even though he refused to accept me as his PHD student, which is reasonable to me, because I know that I had never played nice.

现在想起来自己当时真是个问题儿童,主要体现在:①问很多问题;②总惹麻烦。 好在白老师过来给说和,莫老师放了我一马。 我一直特别感激白老师,虽然后来他不愿意收我为徒。 这个我也可以理解的,因为长期以来我都带来很多问题。。。

I learned more than the structure of microscope in the following lessons, and began to distinguish Quartz, Mica, Feldspars and so on. Then the desire of having a microscope of myself just kept growing.

接下来的课程中,我除了对显微镜的机械结构有所了解,也开始能分辨石英、云母、长石等等。 然后我就更加想有一台自己的显微镜,这样就可以随时想看就看了。

Finally, after 8 years, I got my own microscope, which was sold from the CDUT (Chengdu University of Technology). The model of it is JiangNan XPT-6, a polarizing microscope. It is so dilapidated that I have to buy different parts of it from many different places and then assemble them together to make it work. I am over 30 years old now, but I am as happy as a child who finally get the toy he stared at for so many times in the shop window.

最终,八年之后,我从成都理工买了一个显微镜,终于算是弄来一台自己的。 型号是江南 XPT-6,偏光显微镜。 这个镜子挺破旧的了,我得四处买来一些零件,然后拼凑起来,才勉强使用。 我三十来岁的人了,这件事让我特开心,就好像小时候矁了很久的橱窗里的玩具,突然有人给我个一样。

The following pictures show my microscope and some other parts. The photos of garnets were taken with this old microscope and my old iPhone 5s.

我给这个老显微镜和各个部件拍了一些照片。 然后我还用这个老显微镜和 iPhone 5S这款老手机来给一些石榴石拍了照片。

All Together

Main Body


Garnet 10*10 Garnet 10*10

Garnet 10*20 Garnet 10*20

Garnet 10*40 Garnet 10*40

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