ThinkPython 双语学编程

Finally I finished the translation of ThinkPython. All the files can be found here.

我总算是翻译完了这本 ThinkPython。所有文件都可以在这里下载。

There are there different formats of the translated book, which contains an epub, a doc and some md files.

我提供了好几个格式的文件,包括一个 epub,一份 Word 文档,以及很多 md 文件。

The epub file is good for users of mobile devices and e-ink readers such as Kindle. The doc is designed for those who would like to offer help on revising it. The md files are very easy to read and edit that they are just plain text files and can be accessed by any text editors or browsers.

epub 文件最适合用移动设备或者诸如 Kindle 之类的电纸书来阅读的用户。Word 文档的doc 格式文件希望提供给愿意帮忙修改改进的朋友。md 格式的文件最方便编辑和阅读了,因为这些文件就是单纯的文本文档而已,可以用任意的编辑器或者浏览器来读取。

It takes me some time to make it. I hope it would be helpful for some newbies like me.


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